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We have established a consortium focused on the reality of virtual and augmented reality. We have been tracking and advising our clients on VR and AR for years. Through our proprietary research and client work, we understand the potential VR and AR has to transform consumer’s experiences of brands—from media to retail to healthcare. We founded this consortium to bring leaders across industries together to explore its applications now and in the future and inform adoption curves.

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Our Magid experts from media, gaming, CPG, and other relevant groups; thought leaders from the industry and adjacent industries; and consortium members meet quarterly in New York for a full day of content, experimentation, deep dives into the on-going research and ideation around implications for the consortium members’ businesses.

We discuss topics that range from monetization strategies, category application methodologies, technology advancements, content development, staffing and training strategies, and more.

To track both investor interest and some of most innovative technologies and application, we include the venture capital community in our discussion. Where are they placing their dollars? Who are they watching in the ever-expanding VR ecosystem? And how does that affect companies focused on infrastructure, tools and platforms, applications, and content?

If you are a media publisher, cable or broadcast network, retailer, brand advertiser or marketer, VR device maker, content studio/producer/maker, a creative/storyteller, and/or your business intersects with consumers, then you need to be a part of this consortium.

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