Media Strategy

Frank N. Magid Associates leverages its traditional and new media expertise, understanding of media consumption, experience-based best practices and research capabilities to develop and implement media strategies that effectively reach and engage target audiences. Magid's unique consumer perspective and media expertise acquired from over fifty years of experience allow clients to successfully utilize media platforms and content to influence customer behaviors amidst an increasingly fragmented media landscape. A successful media strategy addresses several questions, including:

  • What content on which media platforms resonates most with target audiences?
  • What are the unique values of each media platform and how can they be leveraged to engage target markets?
  • How should the company position its marketing message on each platform and for different target markets?
  • Which media mix enhances the brand and drives engagement and sales?

Case Study

Understanding the Media Consumption of Sports Fans to Optimize the Reach and Resonance of a Media Campaign

To inform a new media and communications strategy, a major league baseball team wanted to better understand the various segments of its fan base and how those segments preferred to consume the baseball team’s content within both traditional and new media. To develop this strategy, Frank N. Magid Associates undertook a substantial project to determine the appropriate fan segments, how to leverage traditional and new media within those segments, and how the baseball team could provide additional value on a segment-by-segment basis. As a result of this research, Magid helped the team to profile various segments of its fan base and position the team’s brand for future success.