Corporate Development

Frank N. Magid Associates’ consulting services are aimed at helping clients to formulate and then implement an effective corporate strategy. These strategies are predicated upon a thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s brand, core competencies, competitive positioning, and operations. A corporate development strategy addresses a number of questions, including:

  • What are the markets and targets that represent the greatest revenue opportunities?
  • How should the company allocate its resources across various corporate initiatives?
  • How will new technologies represent both threats and opportunities?
  • Which investment opportunities will complement the company’s current product offerings and grow its business?

Case Study

Applying Magid's Unique Process for Analyzing Local Market Potential to Prioritize Investments for a Major Local Media Company

Amidst a challenging market for local newspapers, Frank N. Magid Associates developed a process for media holding companies to prioritize local markets for resource allocation, isolate markets with less growth potential and identify valuable markets as acquisition opportunities. Magid applied this process for one of the largest local media companies in the US to identify markets that were most capable of supporting local media growth. Magid’s team of newspaper operators, researchers and consultants analyzed and ranked twenty-six of the company’s local newspaper markets, resulting in the prioritization of the company’s resource allocation and the discovery of a unique investment opportunity. In addition, market re-engineering projects were launched based on this analysis and Magid was selected to lead these initiatives.