Frank N. Magid Associates applies our industry expertise, experience-based perspectives, and research and strategy capabilities to a variety of business-to-business (B2B) engagements. We work with companies to gain important insights from business customers and combine this with an understanding of segment value and supply chains to develop strategies for improving customer, product, marketing, communication, brand and sales strategies. Magid’s business-to-business capabilities help clients to address questions within their value chains, including:

  • What are the unmet needs of business customers and how can they be better served to improve customer satisfaction?
  • What are the major opportunities and threats to the growth of B2B customer segments?
  • How do B2B customer insights inform product, marketing, communication and brand strategies?
  • How can B2B insights be leveraged to improve sales processes and revenues?

Case Study

Applying Strategic Consulting, Primary Research, and Marketing Expertise to Analyze the Viability of "Green" Cleaning Products

Considering the worldwide emphasis on going green, a global industrial cleaning products company partnered with Frank N. Magid Associates to explore the feasibility of a strategy for commercially available industrial “green” cleaning products while simultaneously identifying the tenets that would drive sales. To identify and prioritize the company’s unique green opportunities, Magid performed extensive B2B executive phone research in nine markets worldwide to understand the attitudes, perceptions, and purchase drivers for green products, determine how to leverage brand strengths and competitive advantages, and develop effective marketing and communications approaches for going green. The project provided strategic and tactical direction regarding the viability and size of the opportunity, as well as the branding, marketing, pricing and competitive strategy for green products. Magid is preparing to conduct additional strategy consulting and research on the groundbreaking new green product.