Business Model Enhancement

Frank N. Magid Associates works with a variety of companies to research, refine, evolve and/or develop new business models. By applying experience-based frameworks and perspectives, we assess existing business models, determine areas for improvement, and identify and build out new business models. Key elements of this process include identifying unique value propositions, examining operational approaches and profit mechanisms, assessing the impact of technological and competitive change, and determining the client’s ability to execute these changes. Changing or evolving business models can be challenging, and Magid is there every step of the way to ensure that the new approach is executed successfully. The business model evolution process answers key questions, including: 

  • Where does the extraordinary value reside?
  • For what internal business unit is the company developing this strategy?
  • What are the sources of business value?
  • What will allow the client company to develop its business model?
  • What must the client do to make the strategy work?
  • What are the critical success factors needed to execute this strategy (e.g. key partnerships, organizational requirements, etc.)?

Case Study

Identifying Content and Distribution Opportunities to Increase Customer Engagement and Product Sales

In an effort to more deeply engage its customers, reach new audiences and grow its brand presence, a Fortune 50 consumer products company partnered with Frank N. Magid Associates to develop a media strategy across brands and platforms to increase customer engagement. Magid conducted a large scale analysis of the related content, distribution and competitive landscape, and identified best practices to identify content and distribution opportunities for the company. Based on this analysis, Magid and the client identified content opportunities and tested these opportunities with target markets. The engagement resulted in an executable, validated media strategy roadmap that aligned with consumer, industry, and competitive opportunities and that positioned the client as a leader in the content area to drive engagement and, ultimately, product sales.