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Amazon Pushes The Envelope In Mobile Commerce

Amazon Pushes The Envelope In Mobile Commerce

When discussing the success of Prime Day, Amazon touted that, “…orders on the Amazon App more than doubled…” compared to last year.  Many of Magid’s clients inquired as to Amazon’s position compared to other retailers in mobile app usage.  The results from the Magid Retail Pulse indicated that Amazon is in fact well ahead in every major category.  An example of this mobile leadership can be seen in the apparel category where Amazon has a 12 percentage point lead over the number 2 competitor Target.

Figure 1: Amazon Leads Mobile Commerce in Apparel

Are you interested in understanding how your retailer stacks up to Amazon in a specific category?  And do you want to know the reasons why customers are engaging more aggressively with the Amazon’s mobile app and the three things you can do to narrow the advantage Amazon has in this space?

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Did you miss Magid’s perspective on the 2017 Prime Day results? Read it here to see five key quotes that stood out to us from Amazon’s Press Release. We added our thoughts as to why these key quotes are central to Amazon’s growth strategy.

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