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5G Represents A Potential Threat For Home Broadband Service

5G Represents A Potential Threat For Home Broadband Service

The next evolution of wireless service has the potential to bring significant change to the way consumers connect to the internet at home.

According to Magid’s 2017 Mobile Lifestyle Study, an annual study of 2,500 U.S. consumers that focuses on emerging trends in the mobile market, more than three in ten smartphone owners expressed interest in cancelling their home broadband service in favor of just having 5G. Interest was particularly high among Millennials, exceeding 40%.

According to Chris Tolan, Magid’s senior analyst leading this research, “If 5G is able to deliver on its promise, it could be a real game changer for broadband service providers and the tech industry in general. Today’s consumers are showing dramatic willingness to consider alternatives in this space.”

For more information on Magid’s Mobile Lifestyle Study, please contact Jill Rosengard Hill

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